Sunday Bible Academy begins at 10:00 AM on Sunday Mornings, as the Holy Spirit leads our discovery of God's Word, will and way through mutual dialog and instruction. We come together to fellowship we depart to worship, praise, pray and serve.  Once you are born again you can no longer go to church, you have been changed you now are the church.  You can no longer attend church, you must and can be the church.

Life is our daily worship which begins with a devotional period filled with testimonies, exhortations, bible selections & hymns.  Daily we live our lives as worship to God  led by the Spirit and  filled with love, joy, and peace with music, song, dancing, praise and prayer as we live in the glory and presence of the Ancient of Days. As often as we attend the Table of The Lord we do it in remembrance of Him looking back at the Cross and forward to His Return. You are invited to come and fellowship and enjoy the Anointed One and His Anointing.