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Daily Bible Readings
Monday, Jan. 1—A Voice in the Wilderness (John 1:19–28)
Tuesday, Jan. 2—Jesus Is the Lamb of God (John 1:29–34)
Wednesday, Jan. 3—Promises Fulfilled (Matthew 13:10–17)
Thursday, Jan. 4—Jesus Gives Peace (John 14:23–31)
Friday, Jan. 5—Jesus Is the Christ (Matthew 11:2–6)
Saturday, Jan. 6—Jesus Promises Freedom (John 8:31–38)
Sunday, Jan. 7—Jesus Speaks of Eternal Life (John 8:48–59)
Monday, Jan. 8—Jesus Heals a Lame Man (John 5:1–9)
Tuesday, Jan. 9—Whom God Has Sent (John 3:31–36)
Wednesday, Jan. 10—I Am the Christ (John 4:19–26)
Thursday, Jan. 11—Jesus Taught with Authority (Matthew 7:24–29)
Friday, Jan. 12—Christ Will Judge (2 Timothy 4:1–5)
Saturday, Jan. 13—Honor the Son (John 5:19–23)
Sunday, Jan. 14—Jesus Speaks of Judgment (John 5:24–30)
Monday, Jan. 15—May Christ Dwell Within (Ephesians 3:14–21)
Tuesday, Jan. 16—Do Not Be Afraid (John 6:16–21)
Wednesday, Jan. 17—Jesus, the Heavenly Bread (John 6:25–34)
Thursday, Jan. 18—I Am the Bread of Life (John 6:35–40)
Friday, Jan. 19—Sustained by Living Bread (John 6:41–51)
Saturday, Jan. 20—Sing for Joy (Isaiah 49:7–13)
Sunday, Jan. 21—Living Water (John 7:37–41)
Monday, Jan. 22—Promises for God’s People (Isaiah 35:3–10)
Tuesday, Jan. 23—Jesus Brings Light (Matthew 4:12–17)
Wednesday, Jan. 24—Jesus Heals a Blind Man (John 9:1–11)
Thursday, Jan. 25—Who Is Jesus? (John 9:35–41)
Friday, Jan. 26—Knowing God’s Will (Ephesians 5:15–21)
Saturday, Jan. 27—Jesus Is the World’s Light (John 8:12–20)
Sunday, Jan. 28—I Have Come as Light (John 12:44–50)
Monday, Jan. 29—God Tends His Flock (Isaiah 40:10–14)
Tuesday, Jan. 30—A Warning to False Shepherds (Ezekiel 34:1–6)
Wednesday, Jan. 31—I Will Shepherd My Sheep (Ezekiel 34:11–16)
Thursday, Feb. 1—You Are My Sheep (Ezekiel 34:25–31)
Friday, Feb. 2—The Sheep Know Their Shepherd (John 10:1–5)
Saturday, Feb. 3—I Am the Good Shepherd (John 10:7–11)
Sunday, Feb. 4—The Shepherd Suffers for the Sheep (John 10:12–18)
Monday, Feb. 5—Christ Offers Eternal Life (Jude 17–25)
Tuesday, Feb. 6—The Way of Righteousness (Proverbs 8:22–32)
Wednesday, Feb. 7—Jesus Delays (John 11:1–6)
Thursday, Feb. 8—Jesus Goes to Bethany (John 11:7–16)
Friday, Feb. 9—I Am the Resurrection (John 11:17–27)
Saturday, Feb. 10—Jesus Comforts Mary (John 11:28–37)
Sunday, Feb. 11—Jesus Raises Lazarus (John 11:38–44)
Monday, Feb. 12—A New and Living Way (Hebrews 10:19–23)
Tuesday, Feb. 13—Jesus Testifies to the Truth (John 18:33–40)
Wednesday, Feb. 14—Jesus Has Brought Life (2 Timothy 1:8–14)
Thursday, Feb. 15—Turn from Darkness (Ephesians 4:17–24)
Friday, Feb. 16—Walking in the Truth (3 John 2–8)
Saturday, Feb. 17—Jesus Is the Way (John 14:1–7)
Sunday, Feb. 18—The Son Reveals the Father (John 14:8–14)
Monday, Feb. 19—How the Word Grows (Matthew 13:18–33)
Tuesday, Feb. 20—Jesus Prays for His Followers (John 17:13–19)
Wednesday, Feb. 21—Remain in Christ (1 John 2:24–29)
Thursday, Feb. 22—Continue in Christ’s Teachings (2 John 7–11)
Friday, Feb. 23—The Blessed (Psalm 1)
Saturday, Feb. 24—I Am the True Vine (John 15:1–8)
Sunday, Feb. 25—Love One Another (John 15:9–17)
Monday, Feb. 26—Partakers of the Divine Nature (2 Peter 1:5–11)
Tuesday, Feb. 27—Living in Love (Romans 12:9–21)
Wednesday, Feb. 28—Fulfilling the Law in Love (Romans 13:8–14)
Thursday, Mar. 1—Serve with Love (Galatians 5:13–26)
Friday, Mar. 2—Love Deeply (1 Peter 4:1–11)
Saturday, Mar. 3—Called to Live in Love (1 John 2:7–11)
Sunday, Mar. 4—Live for God (1 John 2:12–17)
Monday, Mar. 5—Love Is Eternal (1 Corinthians 13)
Tuesday, Mar. 6—Jesus Commands Us to Love (John 13:31–35)
Wednesday, Mar. 7—A Widow’s Gift of Love (Mark 12:38–44)
Thursday, Mar. 8—God Loves Us (1 John 3:1–5)
Friday, Mar. 9—Avoid the Wrong (1 John 3:6–10)
Saturday, Mar. 10—Evidence of New Life (1 John 3:11–15)
Sunday, Mar. 11—Love as Christ Loves (1 John 3:16–24)